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Return of the Living Megaprojects: Javits Expansion 'Alive'

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We hope that you are in the camp that prefers the classic, shuffling zombies to the spring-in-their-step undead of today, because the Javits Center may just be the slowest. zombie. ever. The massive expansion plan, championed by the governor?Pataki, that is?was killed under the watch of Gov. Spitzer due to massive cost overruns, and then beaten down even more when Gov. Paterson put the kibosh on the Javits Hotel that was to be built across the street. The Javits debacle was just another curious chapter in the redevelopment of the West Side (Moynihan Station, Hudson Yards, etc.), and the ending was supposed to be a simple renovation to fix the leaky roof. But hold on just a second, because Charles Bagli reports in the Times today that the scaled-back renovation involves $700 million going to upgrades, and $300 million earmarked for?wait for it?the creation of "additional space." Specifically, a truck garage and around 60,000 square feet of new exhibition space. So the expansion is, technically, alive, albeit on a much smaller scale. The work is supposed to begin next summer and finish in November 2012, minus the occasional snack break for feasting on brains.
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