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Will Gentrification Keep Burg Condos From Glowing in the Dark?

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Anyone that knows Kent Avenue in Williamsburg has noticed Radiac, a small tan building that generally has some vans parked behind the fence. Radiac sits at Grand & Kent, a stone's throw from the planned future New Domino site and within not far from a crop of brand name luxe condos going up in the nabe. So, what's the trouble? The company says everything's cool and there's no risk, but Radiac stores low-level radioactive and toxic material and has been a sticking point with neighborhood activists for years. (Geiger counters do get excited outside the door.) Opponents are afraid of an accident or a terrorist attack. In any case, this week's NY Press digs deep into the case of Radiac, noting that gentrification may put it out of business. (There may be some pressure with thousands of condos planned across the street.) Radiac stopped long-term storage of radioactive and toxic stuff a few year ago; now, it's only a transfer station, meaning that the stuff doesn't stay for months but sort of checks in for a hotel-like stay before being taken elsewhere. The owners might be interested in selling. Assuming there are no underground leaks, the property could be cleaned up and used for, uh, housing. Too bad the name Luminous is already taken.
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