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Curbed Wire: Lunch & Smokes on a Rockrose Balcony, Narrow Greenhouse 26 No Longer Vanished?

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MIDTOWN?Well, it was probably a nice day to have lunch on a balcony way up high at the construction site. The tipster who sent the lunchtime shot wrote: "Incredibly, just one day after a worker plunged 49 floors from the Silver site (far left), workers at Rockrose's 453 W 37 site enjoy a leisurely lunch and a cigarette on an uncompleted balcony of an apartment on the 21st floor. (far right). No restraints, no guardrails. Look out below!" [CurbedWire Inbox]

CHELSEA?There is possible news to report about the riveting Greenhouse 26 hotel. Yes, that's the one that would be 19-feet wide. It had previously been thought to have vanished, but no longer. A tipster writes, "Now that the Holiday Inn is up and running and another hotel is making progress on their construction, the block of 26th between 7th and 8th may actually be getting the Greenhouse Hotel. There is no action at the site, but the blue property barrier walls that have been covered with fliers for years now actually have big DOB signs naming Greenhouse 26. Maybe the project is actually happening and the block will get its much needed third hotel." A narrow one, but yes. [CurbedWire Inbox]