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Brooklyn's TJ's Rental Bldg Hits the Market as Cobble Mews

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The Two Trees rental building next to the future Trader Joe's site at Court Street and Atlantic Avenue has had its share of weird ups and down, particularly about ten feet of extra height on top. That's all in the past, however. The rendering is from a new website for Cobble Mews, which is the name of the rental development at 200 Atlantic Avenue. Per the tipster who spotted the sign on the building that led to the website:

The residences are on schedule to be rented out...Nice rentals, just like the Courthouse Apartments down the street. The homepage rendering even shows the restored Independent Savings Bank building juxtaposed with the "new" modern entrance.Oh, and the TJ's remains on track for a late September opening, so all is again well in the World of Walentas (Atlantic Avenue Divison).
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