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Astroland Coney Death March React-o-Matic

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Will Sunday really be Astroland's "last day"? Well, we had one last year and, then, a stay of execution was granted in October. In any case, there has been reaction since yesterday's announcement that the end is (again) at hand. Here's some of it:

1) "“Today’s announcement that Astroland will close after 46 years should be a serious wake-up call to those who have stood back and watched as the fate of Coney Island has been left in limbo without any safeguards for its future." Lynn Kelly, Coney Island Development Corp. President [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) "We are extremely disappointed that Carol Albert has decided to give up on the future of Coney Island when her current lease isn't even up for a number of months." Stefan Friedman, Thor Equities Spokesperson [NYDN]

3) "I have not 'given up on Coney Island' as Thor Equities has stated. I have given up on trying to get Thor to negotiate..." Carol Hill Albert, Owner, Astroland [CurbedWire Inbox]

4) "We cannot allow the last remaining amusement park in Coney Island to be
reduced to rubble. The plans currently on the table are speculative, inadequate, and would take decades to come to fruition...The City must do everything in its power to save Astroland
for the upcoming seasons..." Kent Barwick, President, Municipal Art Society [CurbedWire Inbox]

5) "It sucks that it's closing. We used to come here every weekend when we were kids." Dariana DeLarosa, 19, Brooklyn [amNY]

6) "The premature death of Astroland would be from a gun fired by Mr. Sitt, but with a weapon supplied by the city itself." [Gowanus Lounge]

6) "I think it's terrible for New York." Melody Schlossberg, 34, Brooklyn dog groomer. [NYP]