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Braced for Change: Sapphire Strip Club Gets Added Support

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It looks like things are a bit top-heavy over at the Sapphire Strip Club, the now dormant and somewhat unpopular West Chelsea night spot. Big supportive steel members have been drilled into the rear bricks of that old hot spot. In professional parlance such a buttress is referred to as "temporary exterior rakers". Not sure what to call the guy in the shades standing under the sidewalk shed. Just before the camera was raised he had exited a shiny Escalade with Jersey plates. When we snapped the picture of his shuttered pleasure palace we could have sworn he was giving us the evil eye.

In the eyes of others this corner of Eleventh and 23rd offers nothing but trouble. This 4-story pile of bricks was once known as the Terminal Hotel and it's been there for over a century. That's almost as far back as when our City Fathers decreed that Eleventh Avenue should be constructed along the swampy Hudson shore. In those days this site along the Avenue was fittingly occupied by Moore & Cox, purveyors of wood. But now things have changed. For some locals the lap dancers and pole swingers are little improvement over the previous inhabitants, colorfully described as "rodents and roaches." Just your typical New Yorkers.
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