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Week in Review: The Standard Inside & Out, Chupi in Crisis, Hotel Ludlow Revealed, Astroland Deathwatch, More

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And, now, as you settle into your Saturday routine, check out some of the top items on Curbed this past week.

1) MePa: This was as a good week for those waiting for the Standard to be the big new thing on the NYC hotel scene. There were many pictures of it from street level and (!!!) from inside too.

2) West Village: Our beloved friend Palazzo Chupi had some very scary moments of CRISIS this week, but it appears that the Chupster has made it through unscathed so that life can continue to be Chupirrific. We are relieved.

3) LES: The new Hotel Ludlow rising directly behind the rental Ludlow has finally been revealed.

4) Gramercy: There were new renderings of 57 Irving Place where one-third of the luxe units have already been sold. What do you mean there are only six full-floor residences?

5) Coney Island: We have been through this before, but this Sunday could really be the last day for Astroland, which is on property owned by developer Joe Sitt. Unless there is a reprieve before January, of course.

6) Everywhere: Venture into the prewar-postwar divide and into other topics with the new Curbed University.