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Curbed Marketplace: Open House Roundup

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Curbed Marketplace is out of previews and featuring a brand new open house calendar. A quick check reveals that 10 properties are opening their doors for a live look-in tomorrow. Here's the rundown of Sunday open houses:

1) 350 W. 42nd St., 2BR, 2BA, 1349 sq ft, $1.899M [Citi Habitats]
2) 242 E 25th St., 0BR, 1BA, 556 sq ft, $575K [Core Group]
3) 118 State St., 3BR, 3BA, 2400 sq ft, $2.65M [Brennan Real Estate]
4) 433 E 74th St., 0BR, 1BA, 538 sq ft, $579K [Core Group]
5) 425 E 51st St., 3BR, 2BA, 1450, $1.395M [Elliman]
6) 101 Lafayette Ave., 1BR, 1BA, 800 sq ft, $600K [The Real Estate Group]
7) 309 E 87th St., 2BR, 1BA, 1000 sq ft, $785K [Citi Habitats]
8) 224 E 14th St. (above), 2BR, 2.5BA, 1782 sq ft, $2.1M [Elliman]
9) 45 E 30th St., 1BR, 1BA, 840 sq ft, $950K [Corcoran]
10) 420 W 25th St., 1BR, 2BA, 1240, $1.225M [Stribling]

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