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CurbedWire: March of the Scientologists on Harlem Continues, 'Torture' at the Ace Hotel

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HARLEM?What is ostensibly a press release about Massey Knakel broker Shimon Shkury and others in Northern Manhattan about the sale of two East Harlem development for $4 million is actually fascinating because of the buyer: the Church of Scientology. The church's uptown expansion plans, which were noted last year, are apparently very on track. One building at 228 East 125th St, leased to a printing company, was sold for $1.7 million. The church has already bought an adjacent site at 230-32 125th St for a "Scientology complex and a community center that will offer literacy programs and drug counseling." The other property at 168-70 East 112th Street went to a regular private buyer for $2.45 million and will be the site of new residential building. Now, about the Scientologists... [CurbedWire Inbox]

FLATIRON?Not everyone is excited about the Ace Hotel. For instance, some neighbors and holdout tenants. A tipster writes: "I work right next door—there's a courtyard/empty space in between our building and theirs. I feel so sorry for those hold-out tenants, because it sounds like they're being tortured. Construction guys yelling all the time, slamming stuff around . . . they're torturing us and we're not even in the same building. I can only imagine how loud and awful it is for them to live through this. I know some people don't give a shit about the poor/middle class artists and musicians who've been living in that hotel for years and years, but I feel really bad for them right about now." [CurbedWire Inbox]