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Astroland Goes Quietly in the Night on Its Second Last Day

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There were huge crowds and one of the highest per capita concentrations of cameras ever seen in Coney Island other than at the Mermaid Parade when Astroland walked the plank yesterday and went off to (presumably, really) sleep with the fishes. A year ago, when the park had its first last day, there were protests, combativeness and "Save Astroland Signs" everywhere. There was none of that this year. In fact, if it hadn't been for the big crowd, long lines and TV crews, it would have been hard to tell the amusement park was shutting for good. There is a petition to keep the park open in 2009, but owner Carol Hill Albert, whose family sold the land to developer Joe Sitt in 2006, says Thor has refused to negotiate and that she's through. The rides have been put on sale on a site called Rides 4 U, with the Astrotower priced to move at $99,000 (needs work) and Dante's Inferno a mere $225,000 (could make an interesting portable home). Meanwhile, a Thor spokesperson tells the Times that the developer's been in contact with "numerous amusement operators" to talk about setting up a "permanent year-round development" rather than a school bus parking lot.
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