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Stuff White People Like: Harlem

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The gentrification of Harlem continues apace, but white people are facing a critical shortage of supplies. And by supplies, we of course mean Thai food. In fact, the situation on the front lines has become so dire that the Times has issued its second call-to-arms in a month to the city's restaurateurs, alerting them that the troops are starving for some pad kee mao. But while the paper's last report touched mainly on the food crisis, this latest embedded report is a wide-ranging look at life in the trenches during the Great Harlem Invasion. And there are some horrid sights to behold, friends. Watch, as white people fill Harlem's bars with MacBooks, Gap shirts and facial scruff. Tremble next to them as the natives counter by staging noisy outdoor gatherings, gather in their many houses of worship and say "Good morning" and "Good night" to strangers on the street. Hear the frightened words of one shell-shocked soldier, whose guilt is so pervasive that he sees verbal confrontations as "an introduction to dialogue." Yes the situation is frightening, but Mom and Dad can sleep easy knowing our brave young "integrationists" are making the neighborhood safe for basil-flavored cuisine.
· In an Evolving Harlem, Newcomers Try to Fit In [NYT]