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Soho's Crosby Street Hotel Revealed

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It's been nearly two years since we confirmed the new Crosby Street Hotel rising at the edge of Soho at 79 Crosby Street, and now we can show everyone what will cover this swank and comfy addition to the New York hospitality scene located across the street from Kelly Ripa & friends. In keeping with the industrial history of the neighborhood the new building is a case of simple brick and glass and stone at the base, with nothing too fancy on the outside. What the hoteliers want for the inside, though, is a different story. Due to manufacturing district zoning regulations, the developers have to jump through some bureaucratic hoops before they're allowed particulars like lobbies and restaurants and bars. So, to work out any potential kinks, the SoHo Alliance arranged a meeting between hotel reps and some Crosby Street neighbors, an account of which follows.

Folks gathered at the building site one recent evening for beverages, a swell show-and-tell of building plans and a nice tour of the construction site. Potential problems were politely discussed, and everybody seemed to get along. Maybe it was the tea, but the meeting concluded with nary a contretemps. It looks as though this one will clear those regulatory hurdles without too much trouble. And by next summer everyone will gather in the ivy-enclosed courtyard facing onto Lafayette, down below where Mary used to live, and raise a toast to an ever-changing New York.
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