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On the Racked: Fashion Week Insanity Edition

Twice a year, Bryant Park become the center of the known universe and, of course, Racked is hanging at Fashion Week in a very major way and will be there for the duration doing the shows and all the rest. Also, don't forget to check out Racked's live Twitter feed.

1) To make the reading as real as possible, Racked has been live blogging up a storm from inside the tents, checking out Betsey Johnson, Jeremy Laing, Marc Jacobs, Ports 1961, Luca Luca, Jill Stewart, Diane von Furstenburg and more.

2) Then, there's the react. Everybody loves Marc, was a little freaked out by threeASFOUR, at least, if they weren't celeb spotting.

3) All the action isn't even inside the tents. For instance, there was the Y3 show at the former Sixth Avenue Barnes & Noble in Chelsea.

4) We'll also escape the tent action to note the sneak peek photo gallery of the Target Bullseye Bodga pop up.