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Construction Watch: Second Toll Northside Piers Tower Going Up

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The second tower in the Toll Brothers Northside Piers complex on Kent Avenue in Williamsburg is on its way up. The building, which is behind the first waterfront tower that went up (which is about three-quarter sold and into which people are moving) has reached about four stories and will soon be visible rising at the back of the site near the water. Sales one the 270-unit building, which is 50 percent bigger than Tower One, are supposed to start this month. The tower will be 30 stories tall and has been tweaked from the first one to include more studios and one-bedrooms. The plan is to price the units higher too, because it's closer to the water and has more city views than Tower One, which is losing some of its views as we speak. (Tower One prices were $500K+ to $2M+.) In the meantime, nabe blogger INSIJS has been keeping very close tabs on the status of the pier and public waterfront access behind Northside Piers. He reports that signs pointing the public to the pier have finally gone up although the best estimate is that no one will actually be able to get back there until the end of fall or early winter just in time to see how fast exposed skin really freezes when it's 10 degrees and a 40 knot wind is blowing off the river. Presumably, there will be less MAYHAM when Tower Two is done, though there are barricades stacked across the street on Kent Avenue as though the rat problem could be an ongoing issue.
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