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Pocket-Sized 9/11 Memorial Museum Pavilion Fully Revealed!

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[images courtesy Squared Design Lab unless otherwise noted]

The theme of the day at the press conference to unveil the new design of the September 11 Memorial Museum Pavilion: "appropriate scale." That's architect-speak for "the thing's much smaller now"—or, as Snohetta architect Craig Dykers put it, "With the new Pavilion, we strived to create a building that's an appropriate scale to its surrounding without overwhelming the experience with a more singular or monolithic form." Super! Sure thing! Tinyriffic! Anyway, that's the redesigned pavilion, there at middle left between the north and south waterfall pools.

The day's other big reveal: that primary access from the Pavilion to the September 11 museum, which is mostly below-ground, will come courtesy of a sloping floor that creates a continuous room between and ground level to the museum below. All that, and more, revealed in the photo gallery above. Still to come: construction updates from the slurry wall and beyond!
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UPDATE: The NYT's David Dunlap—who asked the first question at the Q&A (show off!)—offers a detailed write-up on the design transformation. [City Room]