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As the Astroland Turns: Emergency Rescue Plan Floated

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[Photo courtesy of Brit in Brooklyn]

Was it only Sunday night at 11:29 PM (give or take) that the gates were slammed down for good at Astroland and workers were screaming "get back" at people that were still lingering at the death scene? Yes, it was. But today, an "unnamed city official" is reported in the Daily News to be floating a plan to keep the park alive next year or until a redevelopment plan is in place and to find new land for it after it actually has to close. The rub is that neither developer Thor Equites nor Astroland owner Carol Albert seem to have much interest in talking about it. The unnamed officials tells the Daily News that: "If Astroland's current landlord was willing to extend its lease just until our plan passes, the city will then be in a position to keep Astroland - and all the other amusements - alive, using what would then be city-owned property." A Thor spokesperson said the firm hadn't been contacted by the city. An Astroland spokesperson said, "talk is cheap" and also noted that no one's called, adding that the park may be gone for good: "It's just too much of an upstream swim at this point." Done for good or just another Coney fake out?
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