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Good Seats Still Available at Beacon Theater

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Now that Isaiah Thomas has been reassigned by the Knicks to scout high schoolers in Siberia, Madison Square Garden/Cablevision can use the money he would've spent on aging headcases on the Beacon Theater, the 78-year-old concert hall at Broadway and West 74th Street that has been slowly crumbling for...78 years. Architecture firm and restoration specialists Beyer Blinder Belle is overseeing the six-month, $15 million renovation, using archival photographs, architectural plans and, the Times reports, "the recollections of former theater employees" (!) to piece together what the Beacon should look like. The interior was landmarked in 1979. The work began last month with the removal of nearly all 2,800 seats, which lends itself to a pretty awesome and slightly haunting photo gallery of the current state of the theater. You can almost hear the spirits of Allman Brothers' concerts past, tearing into that 75th encore while an audience of beanie-wearing ghosts sits too glass-eyed to notice.
· A Rock ’n’ Roll Survivor Prepares for Its Rebirth [NYT]

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