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Construction Watch: 184 Kent Looking Really Good

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We don't about that stuff that has fallen off our good friend 184 Kent in Williamsburg, but we do know that the exterior renovation work is almost done and the building is looking spectacular. The building, of course, is one of Brooklyn's biggest ironies, having been landmarked when a developer planned to plop several towers in the middle of the building, de-landmarked by the City Council, had its de-landmarking vetoed by the Mayor and then had the veto overridden by the Council. Eventually, it was sold and the developer who turned the building over to a firm that has used Historic Preservation Tax Credits to renovate the Cass Gilbert building, essentially preserving it without landmarking. "I do appreciate irony," City Council Member David Yassky, who opposed the landmarking effort and at the time called it a "non-descript white box," told us. The building will be a luxury rental and this weekend Jake Mooney took a look at the twists and turns of the historic Austin Nichols Warehouse's story. His Times story says the building will be ready for rental tenants this summer, which given the current state of the building's interior seems a tad optimistic, but is possible There is a huge retail space at street level.
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184 Kent

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