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The Sunset Park Moment Sort of Arrives

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For a long time, people have been muttering that Sunset Park would be the next Williamsburg. This is either a good thing or the equivalent of hurling an epithet at one's mother, depending on one's point of view. The neighborhood has great housing stock at a fraction of the cost of other neighborhoods. It's got a diverse ethnic mix. And it harbors riches in the form of old industrial buildings on the waterfront. This week, New York Magazine takes a look at a huge group of buildings called Industry City and talks about things like "bohemian spirit is from the 57 recently opened artist studios" and "the vast empty floors ready for avant-garde performance." There are 45 "incubator studios" for artists and twelve market-rate ones for established ones. All told, there are about 6 million square feet of space. That is correct--six million square feet. NYM even goes so far as to call it "this neo-Soho on New York Bay." The part of the complex is overseen by the Industry City Art Project. Another undertaking in the complex, the Industry City Creative Work Spaces has its own website with a blog too. All we can say is, watch your back Sunset Park. They're coming for you.
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