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The Baracklyn Cyclones? In January?

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Leave it to the champions of shameless self-promotion to come up with a way to promote a baseball game on June 23 when wind chills in a couple of days will be below zero. Nonetheless the Brooklyn Cyclones sent out an email this morning saying: "In celebration of our new Commander-in-Chief...For one night only, on June 23rd, the team will be renamed the Baracklyn Cyclones! Beginning Inauguration Day (10AM) through January 23rd, the team will be offering its own Economic Stimulus Package, rolling back ticket prices for the game to what they were during its inaugural season in 2001...Hail to the chief!" Also, there will be Barack Obama bobbleheads to the first 2,500 people, fans named Barack get in free, any plumbers named Joe get in free and more. [Brooklyn Cyclones]