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Stuy Town Follies: New Lawsuits Are a Touchy Subject

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The effort undertaken by landlord Tishman Speyer to convert rent-stabilized Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village apartments to market-rate luxury rentals has not been without its headaches?innocent people getting caught in the net, profit-eating legal fees, etc.?but groin aches? That's a new one. The Post reports on a pair of lawsuits against Tishman Speyer that deal with the 110-building megacomplex, one filed by a former property manager who claims he was pushed to reach quotas for turning over rent-stabilized apartments, and then was fired when he complained about doing the dirty deeds. In a counter-claim, Tishman denies the charges and says the employee was canned because of "lewd conduct . . . including his reported habit of 'adjusting himself' in front of subordinates." Hey now! Sounds painful, but for Tishman Speyer the pain is just beginning.

According to the Post, a coalition of stabies will file a $40 million class-action lawsuit accusing Tishman of attempting to evict them unfairly from the company's $5.4 billion baby. That's a lot of moola?maybe even enough to pay for market-rate apartments after they get booted! According to the suit, filed by the Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association and five tenants in Manhattan Supreme Court, the eviction efforts have been too broad. Tishman Speyer's response: "We do our homework without violating our residents' privacy." Now, if only their employees could do the same without violating their privates. Alright ladies and germs, you've been a great crowd. Try the fish and don't forget to tip your waitress!
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