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Park Slopers Drink Like Fish, Upper East Siders Work Out

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Park Slopers are one big bunch of drinking mother people. Well, that's grossly oversimplifying the wealth of health and lifestyle date about New Yorkers that the city's Health Department has made available online, but the thing that jumped out at us--for chuckles and such--is that in the words of the Post, "Statistics show an alarming 20 percent of those living in the trendy Brooklyn neighborhood are prone to binge - higher than the citywide average of 14 percent." A female lawyer getting shitfaced drunk at O'Connors on Fifth Avenue in the Slope says: "Brooklyn has some of the coolest nightlife in the city, and it's affordable." We'll drink to that. (Click on the graphic to enlarge the binge drinking thing.)

On a more serious note, there's way more to the report than drunken Slopians. For instance, people living in 10021 on the Upper East Side "boast a staggering 31 percent who exercise five to seven times a week - far above the citywide average of 19 percent." Contrasted to our lawyer drinker friend, a UES workout freak says: "When your body is fit, you're mind is, too." Joking aside, there's some pretty crappy stuff in the numbers too. For some reason Soho has the highest level of child lead poisoning. The Morrisania section of the Bronx has double the citywide average of diabetes. Some of the highest rates of heart disease are in East New York. Bushwick and Williamsburg have much higher rates of depression than the city as a whole, and actually have a way lower binge drinking rate than the city as a whole and their Park Slope friends. One little problem though: the drug-related hospital admission rate is double the city average.
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