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The Ponz: Madoff Apologizes for Crimes...Against Co-op

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Bernard Madoff?$50 billion Ponzi schemer, eraser of fortunes, destroyer of high-flying real estate dreams?has issued an apology to the real victims of his fraud: the fellow residents of 133 East 64th Street. He's sorry about the media members camped outside, and the politicians having press conferences practically in the lobby. Madoff, who may be forced to swap his penthouse for a prison cell today, is sorry about the fuss, which we all know is considered an act of treason within the pre-war foyers of the Upper East Side. The Times reports that back in December, each resident received a brief note from Madoff, apologizing for the "terrible inconvenience" he has caused and giving thanks for the "support" (?) he has received. The story also gives us a glimpse into the ruling style of Madoff, who resigned as the co-op's president days before sending out those notes:

Mr. Madoff, who endeared himself to so many, apparently did not always make a great impression on newcomers to the building, running a meeting that felt, on at least this occasion, adversarial and cold. "I left the meeting thinking, 'I know that they're supposed to be deciding whether they want us, but I'm not sure I want them,' " she said. Adversarial, cold and leaving potential neighbors feeling confused and slightly violated. Yep, sounds like a typical UES co-op.
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133 East 64th Street

133 East 64th Street, New York, NY