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Adventures in Marketing: Meet The Thread's Buyers

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We don't get out to Union City, N.J. very often. In fact, we've dipped our toe in the pool maybe only once?and it was also regarding The Thread. So the luxury building (the first to bring a doorman to the 'hood) probably needs to go the extra mile to convince buyers to look across the Lincoln Tunnel, but whoa now, stalker alert! "You've heard all about us," the flash intro on The Thread's website reads, "Now join us..." Cut to pictures of three female Thread residents, including their full names and apartment numbers. "The Neighbors" section of the website has testimonials from other buyers as well as more photos and names, but no apartment numbers. Is this weird? Clearly it's not an invasion of privacy because these folks have agreed to take part, but we can't shake the feeling that this is weird.
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