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On the Racked: Trader Joe's vs. Trader John's, Housing Works Madness, Urban Outfitter's Speakers, More

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And now the latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) East Village: It was inevitable that Trader John's would not come to pass without legal fisticuffs with Trader Joe's. Court dates being set as we speak.

2) Long Island City: Trust Racked when they say the Housing Works 20-bucks-a-bag warehouse sale is not for the squeamish and that they suggest "you might want to arrived armed with a set of disposable plastic gloves."

3) Everywhere: Holy shit. Urban Outfitters has "borrowed" the idea of Muji's DIY cardboard speakers, knocked $24 off the price and tossed in some colored pencils. Yowza.

4) Nolita: Supreme hosted a cash-only, 80% off sale last week because they're remodeling their Lafayette Street space. Racked thinks the brand might be gone, but it won't be clear until February. Meanwhile, there's a temporary store selling its T-shirts at 109 Crosby.