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That's Rather Hideo?Hey, There's a Dog Dressed in a Suit!

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There are Upper East Side co-ops, and then there are Upper East Side motherbleepin' co-ops. This on-the-market duplex at 960 Fifth Avenue (at 77th Street) certainly fits into the latter. The 13-room spread, listed by Sotheby's for $32.5 million, is currently owned by "Palm Beach-based shopping center magnate" Murray H. Goldman, according to the Observer's Max Abelson, and it looks...pretty much like what you'd expect a massive pre-war Rosario Candela apartment owned by some rich old Palm Beach guy to look like. According to Abelson, our man Murray paid $1.41 million for the place back in the early '80s. So why is he asking for so much in this crap economy? Gotta recoup those chintz costs, baby!
· Listing: 960 Fifth Avenue [Sotheby's]
· China and Chintz at 960 Fifth's New $32.5 M. Co-Op [NYO]

960 Fifth Avenue

960 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY