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Curbed Inside: Tribeca's Truffles Ripe for the Picking

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This evening marks a milestone for Truffles, the Great Northern Tribeca Mystery Building of yore. The luxury rental project, a pair of connected buildings (15 and 11 stories tall) developed by the Jack Parker Corporation after years of negotiations/battles with the community, will have a launch party in its sprawling Truffles Privé amenities center and show off five recently completed model apartments, including two decorated by the winners of a design competition at Parsons (harnessing cheap labor: a must in today's climate!). The leasing office is expected to open at the end of the month, and the 291 apartments at 34 Desbrosses Street will then hit the no-fee rental market at prices starting at $2,200 for studios, $3,100 for one-bedrooms, $4,500 for two-bedrooms and $8,900 for the handful of three-bedrooms. That's...not crazy, we dare say.

What could drag us to the very northwest corner of Tribeca on a windy freezing day to get our Dunks dusty at an active construction site? A sneak peak at the very hyped building and those model apartments, that's what! There's so much to get to?the private courtyard, the bar, the freakin' sky bridge?but we had to kick this tour off with a look inside Truffles Privé and that sweet sweet opium bed. The dearth of luxury waterfront rentals in Tribeca should make Truffles a success, even if the masters-of-the-universe working a few blocks south are fretting over their job security. Have a look around, won't you?
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