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"The question is, when middle and upper-middle class renters' leases in Brooklyn are up, are they going to move (back?) into Manhattan now that rents are becoming more affordable and high-income tenants are vanishing? My gut feeling is that after living in Brooklyn for years, having gotten acquainted with local bars and restaurants, theaters, galleries, bookstores, coffee shops, etc., they will feel no desire to move into high rise "luxury" condos with corporate retail and tourists everywhere. The unique things that made Manhattan desirable to long-term New Yorkers were largely destroyed and replaced with soulless trashy opulence. Neighborhood fabrics have been destroyed and temporarily replaced by legions of lusty materialistic isolationists who earn and consume, but offer nothing of lasting value to the community. I think this will be a golden age for brownstone Brooklyn tenants." [Will This Become the Golden Age for Brooklyn Tenants?]