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Somehow, 'Under the Plasticwalk' Doesn't Resonate

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[Photo courtesy Rubys Host/flickr]

The depressing and/or weird Coney Island news just keeps on coming. This is a photo of the new recycled plastic planks that the Parks Dept. is using to refurbish the Pier in Coney Island and that will likely be used to replace a terribly dilapidated stretch of boardwalk in front of buildings now sporting custom-made Thor Equities FOR LEASE signs. So much for 'Under the Boardwalk.' In other Coney news the Coney Island History Project reports that time is running out to find a new home for the iconic Astroland rocket and that possible homes include the Steeplechase Plaza the city eventually plans to build, a New York City school, "two prominent space museums" and a Pakistani theme park which wants to build a Coney Island area to house it. The rocket weighs 14,000 pounds and is 71-feet long. Our Astroland Rocket could go to Pakistan? Shoot. Us. Now.
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