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Market Stinks, So Elliman Gives Selling Baseball Tickets a Try

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The Yankees have seven (out of 59) luxury suites and about 1,000 (out of 4,000) premium seats still available at prices ranging from $350 to $2,500 per ticket per game, and while it's not the best time to be selling luxury baseball tickets, it's probably a worse time to be selling luxury real estate. Idea: Combine the two! The Times reports that the Yankees have signed up Prudential Douglas Elliman to help sell the stadium's prime real estate, believed to be the first time a real estate brokerage has marketed premium seating on behalf of a professional sports franchise (OK, that probably wasn't a difficult "first" to achieve). The Yankees want to tap into Elliman's roster of wealthy clients, and Elliman wants...something to do. The brokerage will prepare targeted mailings and special events to promote the seats and suites. We know what the Times thinks about this arrangement (check out the photo of team president Randy Levine the paper is running with the story), but what about the common fan? Said one: "What they should have done is like rent stabilization for people like me who've been here for more than 25 years. You get marginal increases every year."
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