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CurbedWire: Condos, Bread & Romance, Changes at Kalahari

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UNION CITY, N.J.?We don't mean to pick on The Thread, really. It just so happens that we noticed that thing the same week a tipster sends us this thing. Check it out: "I work in real estate advertising, so stuff like this always catches my eye. If you've ever ridden the PATH, you've seen tons of ads for The Thread Union City. Nice ads, actually. Well it seems that this brand of pumpernickel bread has a similar eye for romantic stock photography." Free loaf with every penthouse purchase? Now there's an idea for these troubled times. [CurbedWire Inbox]

HARLEM?Harlem's sometimes beleaguered Kalahari on West 116th Street made a switch in December to the warm embrace of Halstead Property Development Marketing. We know this because Halstead has issued a press release about the switch, in which they write that the building is now 85 percent sold, and 10 "offers to purchase" have been made over the past month. Again, that's offers to purchase. Heck, we'll make an offer right now to take the rest of it for $1. [CurbedWire Inbox]