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Surgically Enhanced Gansevoort Plaza Debated

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The strange rock formations that popped up in the Meatpacking District last spring and were immediately likened to lady lumps by displeased neighbors and merchants are still a hot, bouncy controversy. The bollards helped create the traffic-altering, pedestrian-friendly Gansevoort Plaza, which is a temporary experiment that could go permanent come July. Streetsblog attended a feisty community meeting on the plaza on Tuesday, in which some business owners called for the plaza to be reduced in size because the sizzlin' MePa streets need more room for tottering starlets to hop into limos. Some folks suggested designated cab stands/drop-off zones, and even MePa legend Florent Morellet was there mixing it up. If the plaza stays as-is, there may still be changes, Streetsblog writes: "design-conscious members would be satisfied with changes to surface appearances -- nipple bollards, apparently, offend their haute sensibilities. As one boutique owner put it, the street furniture doesn't match the 'Paris-like setting' that first attracted her to the neighborhood."
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