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Meanwhile, in the Burg a Frozen Hot Karl

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[Photo courtesy of Will Femia]

Yes, this is shot taken by our roving photographer Will Femia who went up on both the Williamsburg Bridge and a neighboring rooftop on a 15 degree day (in one of the windiest places in all of Brooklyn). What makes it interesting is that it's the site of what is supposed to be a 13-story Hot Karl Fischer resdiential building at 373 Wythe Avenue (S. 5 St. & Wythe) next to the Williamsburg Bridge, a rendering of which was unearthed by Brownstoner many moons ago. So, what the big deal? Our Hot Karl is not only no longer steaming, it appears to have turned into a Karlsickle.

A tipster explains:

I have been watching the development of the massive lot on south 5th and Wythe. I wanted to report: There seems to be a freeze on the site. Not just that, but the security trailer has been removed and one of two large back loaders have disappeared as well. Any sight of construction ended about 6 months ago after an initial foundation was laid. Can you guys tell if they’re dollars have frozen up with the winter? Maybe they’ve changed there mind about the Karl Fischer building which was planned?
There is no Stop Work Order on the building, so perhaps everyone has decided to go spend the winter on St. Barths. In any case, Muy Caliente Karl has gone Muy Frio. Anyone with insight into what might be, uh, we don't drop us a line at our 24/7 tipline. Friendly operators are standing by.

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