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Yankee Stadium Follies: Almost as Friendly as MTA Show

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Many hands full of crap were tossed about a Manhattan hearingf room yesterday during a hearing held by Assemblyman Richard Brodsky about financing for the new Yankee Stadium. Yankee's President Randy Levine called Mr. Brodsky, who an assembly committee looking at the financing was engaging in behavior "worthy of the Grandstanding Hall of Fame." Brodsky complained about "the tone of hostility." Seth Pinsky of the NYC Economic Development Committee accused Mr. Brodsky of engaging in "fun and games." There was also some substantive stuff discussed too in between the insults and name calling. At issue is an additional $370 million tax-exempt bonds for Yankee Stadium, which will be voted on Friday by the city’s Industrial Development Agency.The Yankees received $942.5 million in tax-exempt bonds in 2006. [NYT]