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UWS About to Make Fordham Wish It Had Never Been Born

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Sweet baby Fordham. You saw the ambitious expansion plans of Columbia and NYU, and you thought, "Hey, why can't we get in on that sweet action?" But we told you why: Those others schools are fighting opposition in Greenwich Village and Manhattanville, not the Upper West Side?with its immense political pull and vast coffers. But you rattled the cage anyway, bringing your proposal to build out the Fordham superblock near Lincoln Center to the city's land-use review process, and now you must deal with the crazed junkyard dog.

The Observer's Eliot Brown reports that the neighbors have mobilized, forming a group called Fordham Neighbors Unite and hiring a land-use attorney, a lobbying firm and a political strategy/PR firm to combat the 2.35-million-square-foot construction project. Those are typical developer moves, and indeed, the PR firm hired?Knickerbocker SKD?also does the spinning for the St. Vincent's/Rudin hospital redevelopment and Coney Island landlord Thor Equities. This should be a spicy one!
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