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Construction Watch: Will Breaking Wind Topple Fart Cloud Bldg?

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The last time we visited our dear friend, the so-called Giant Fart Cloud Building at 5 Roebling St. in Williamsburg, it was because of Myrtle the Turtle, the creature that workers painted orange, news of which made its way around the country. Before that there was a series of horror stories about demolition work and early construction work. The building earned its nickname because it's on the site of a former cabbage processing factory that left the corner smelling like King Kong was squatting over it breaking wind every 90 seconds. Well, here's our friend now, and we can't help but notice the high quality of the construction and attention to detail. We've rarely seen a building that looks like it could fall over if a lactose intolerant person stood on the corner and passed violent gas. The good news is that nobody considered making this a condo. It's rental. Word on the street is they're calling it Fart Nouveau.
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