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On the Market: Galerie515 Starts Cooking in Hell's Kitchen

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In the midst of all that Lincoln Tunnel craziness out on Ninth Avenue, Galerie515 only slipped onto our radar thanks to a tiny mention on StreetEasy last month. But whatevs, this 12-story hotel/condo doesn't feel like it needs a head of marketing steam to get things done. We just noticed that the first batch of listings, 21 of 'em on the seventh and eleventh floors, have hit StreetEasy through brokerage The Marketing Directors, with average prices of $1,375/sf. The prices top out at $1.825 million for the eleventh-floor 2BR unit seen floorplan'd above, a 1,426-square-foot condo overlooking Ninth Ave. and West 39th Street that's also currently the biggest available unit in the building. The "B" line of apartments on floors 8-12 are the second biggest, at 1,206 square feet, and an example of that layout follows.

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