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Signs of Change: Greenpoint/Williamsburg Parent & Baby Blog

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New York City, Williamsburg and Greenpoint, meet a new blog that has come to our attention: Two Hours Til Naptime: A Guide for Greenpoint & Williamsburg Parents. Oh, yes, indeed. Featuring include things like Gadget Alert: Beaba Babycook, Soy Vey: Formula Frought with Dangers! and one of our favorites, Voices from the Bitter Side. By the way, the pic above, which is part of the header, was shot at the "Newtown Creek Nature Walk," which is the oasis next to the huge Greenpoint Sewage Treatment Plant, something Park Slope doesn't have.

Here's a sample:

At the Key Food store, I walked up to the checkout with a few small baking items. The little guy was in his stroller, bundled up in his snowsuit and adult-sized scarf. The cashier - a woman in her mid-40s, I'd say - looked at me, said hi, then looked down at my year-old son. She made googley-eyes at him, and then, here it came. "Oh, he's cute," she said. "That's the best age. It's downhill after that."

It occurred to me right there, that there is a reason mothers go gaga over babies of this age: THEY HATE THEIR OWN CHILDREN. "My kid is 12 now, and all he does is talk back," she proceeded to inform me. That's nice, I thought, but having nothing else to say, I said, "so I have about 10 years?" To which she replied, "not even."

Yes, it has come to this in the former land of the hipster. Postings so far have been sparse, so it's unclear if this is one of those two-week wonder blogs, but if not, all we can say is: Park Slope Parents, watch your collective asses.
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