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Memo to Jane Hotel Guests: Stay Clear of the 4th Floor

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[Photos: HotelChatter]

The old-school tenants of the Jane Hotel, the West Village SRO formerly known as the Hotel Riverview before boutique hotel wizards Sean MacPherson and Eric Goode bought the property, are taking their anti-harassment campaign beyond the sidewalks of the Bowery and the pages of the New York Observer. Remaining rent-stabilized tenants at the Jane Street property (there are reportedly 38 people left in the tenants' association) have complained about constant disruptions and quality-of-life violations as the hotel gets a glam-yet-gritty makeover, and now one brassy resident has picked up her video camera and shot a clip documenting life in the Jane. Exposed wires! Evictions (of tenants who don't live there anymore)! Rope on the RadiatorGate! Check it out on YouTube or just see it after the jump.

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