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NYC: The New Pete Doherty?

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No clue what the heck this Times trend piece is trying to say, other than $20 cocktails might be out of style, but anyway: "'I think the city that never sleeps definitely needs a nap,' Michael J. Petruzzello, a prominent Washington public relations consultant, said in an e-mail message. 'Washington, not Wall Street, is where all the action is right now. We have the money, power and the celebrities. We own all of the banks and financial giants. The Obamas are the hottest power couple on the planet.' Can a city be considered 'over,' like Pete Doherty? Unless the city in question is Ephesus, the Ionian metropolis that was sacked by Goths in third century A.D.; or La Corona, the lost Mayan city in what is now Guatemala; or possibly Detroit, cities don’t stop being cities." [NYT]