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East Village's Holiday Back From Vacation, But For How Long?

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Fans of timeless NYC dive bars: In regards to St. Marks Place's Holiday Cocktail Lounge, do you want the good news or the bad news first? Oh, right, we can't actually hear you. OK then, how about the good news? The East Village's Holiday?which greeted 2009 with a shock shuttering and has shown few signs of life since?was back open this weekend, EV Grieve reports. Drink up! Ack, forgot about the bad news. Vanishing New York swung by the Holiday to do some recon, and it turns out the bar's 90ish-year-old owner, who has operated the Holiday since 1965, is "doing okay" but has "retired from bartending." The future of the local landmark appears to be somewhat in doubt, and for now it's only open Friday and Saturday nights. It might be prudent to relive those punk glory days while there's still time.
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