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CurbedWire: Life After Mars, More Hot Dogging at Coney

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EAST VILLAGE?We're not sure of the context of this tipster-submitted photo of the new slogan painted ontextbook Lower Second Avenue dive Mars Bar, but given the recent loss of so many East Village landmarks (Amato, maybe the Holiday and, uh, Around the Clock), it felt poignant. [CurbedWire Inbox]

CONEY ISLAND?The Nathan's controversy is probably not what Mayor Bloomberg wanted to dominate discussion as the city begins thereview process of its Coney Island rezoning plan. But dominate, it has. However, news that Nathan's could expand/tear down its 93-year-old hot dog stand at Surf and Stillwell has been floating around since a Daily News story in February, a tipster notes. Nathan's president said then, "At the current time, we have our flagship store there and we really have no plans to make any changes, either by discontinuing or expanding. We're waiting to see what happens with zoning." [CurbedWire Inbox, NYDN]