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Fancy Bushwick Condos (née Supermarket) Could Go Rental

The Observer checks in with the Knickerbocker Condominiums, the Hudson Companies' bid to bring amenity-rich development to that perennially up-and-coming Brooklyn enclave known to all as Bushwick. As we mentioned in our October rundown of the 49-unit project, this former supermarket complex on Knickerbocker Avenue is a big bet for these uncertain times, and the developer agrees. "We're hoping that a year from now, as we're looking to sell, the world will look a little different than it does now," Hudson's project manager told the paper. If not, you're looking at Bushwick's fanciest rentals. The neighbors have some interesting things to say as well. One says the immediate area "is like a Third World country. Like a big sickness," and another expresses his hope for a Staples to open in the building's retail space.
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