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BACK on the Market: The Curious Case of 727 Washington

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As far as mysterious West Village townhouses go, few hold as many secrets as 727 Washington Street: that gallery, those retractable glass walls, the third-floor reflecting pool. Yowza. The four-story, 8,000-square-foot brick home was purchased in 2000 by Australian designer Richard Tyler for $6.1 million to serve as a showroom. In its story on the deal, the Observer wrote, "[the] glass roof and side panels open with James Bond–like drama to the envy of every New Yorker who ever wanted a terrace. The interior was renovated from 1989 to 1992 by architect Steven Mensch, who is married to Pamela Newhouse, the daughter of publisher S. I. Newhouse." Tyler quite notably put the house back on the market in April 2007 for $15.9 million, and property records show it finally sold one year later, but for $14.4 million. Now?wouldn't you know it?727 Washington is back on the market, and again the asking price is $15.9 million. Will it hit the magic number this time around?

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