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On the Racked: J. Crew Madness, Macy's 'Lawsuit Makeup,' Liquidations Galore, More

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And now the latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Midtown: Two days after the huge J.Crew sale opened at 261 West 36th Street, there is still a line and they are still reeling them in. And, then, of course, there is this.

2) Midtown: It is amazing how many people are willing to stand in line at night in freezing cold outside Macy's for some free "lawsuit makeup" if one feels one has been wronged in the past. Okay.

3) Everywhere: The Circuit City liquidation sale is causing a "consumer craze." Meanwhile, the doomed Union Square Virgin is having a, um, sacrifice sale.

4) East Village: Racked report that "Our friends over at Hamptons-cum-Bowery boutique Blue & Cream are now defacing the windows of their own store. We spotted this wicked graf advertising their winter sale today."