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It's Construction Site Electrocution Season on Bedford Ave.

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Hey kids, there are more important stories this morning that we'll be getting to in a moment, but we wanted to hit this one because it's sure to light up your partying nights on Bedford Avenue. It seems we've got construction scaffolding that can electrocute you--well, that can zap your dog and make him howl. Nothing like a little bit of that Con Ed juice to electrify that Burg nightlife. This incident happened at a construction site just south of N. 6 and Bedford, not far from where the Endless Summer Taco Truck is normally parked. (Careful where you lean while munching on that seitan burrito, friends.) Here's the email that came in this morning:

Tonight, my dog, VALENCIA, electrocuted! She is fine! I repeat SHE IS DOING JUST FINE. I wanted to share what happened so we all are careful walking under any
scaffolding....In fact I would just avoid them... VALENCIA, a brussels griffon, let out a loud yelp and then her little body just shock for a few minutes. I had no idea what happened the first time. It was pretty scary but once we got home she seemed fine. When it happened a second time this evening at the same place (201 Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg next to UVA), I knew something was up. I assume it was some type of shock but didn't really know. I called 311 to report dangerous scaffolding. They then connected me
with 911 who then put me in touch with the FDNY. I thought this might have been a little too dramatic especially when they told me to wait for FDNY at the site and two ladder trucks pulled up. As always, the Firefighters arrived being all cool and calm. They took out this little devise that said that all the poles in scaffolding were LIVE. It was a good thing I called.

This site is now safe and hopefully it is the freaky type of thing that only happens once (or at one site)...but if your dog yelps and then shakes for more than a few seconds, report it by calling 311.

First manhole covers and crap falling and now this.
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