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CurbedWire: New Burg Building Actually Underway, Trying to Keep Pedestrians Alive in Chinatown

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WILLIAMSBURG?There is good news to report on Union Avenue in Williamsburg west of the BQE, where plywood fences and empty lots are starting to rule the day. A project tentatively called McCarren Park Estates, designed by Kutnicki-Bernstein, is actually just starting construction.. It will be six stories and have 121,000 square feet and 62 apartments. The property traded hands earlier last year.So, at least one vacant lot will have a building by 2010.[CurbedWire Staff]

CHINATOWN?After yesterday's traffic fatalities in Chinatown, it's a given that there would be proposals to try to keep people from being run down by vehicles. So, today a host of public officiails announced a nine-point plan for pedestrian safety. It covers everything from studying traffic and pedestrian patterns, identifying accident hot spots, reconfiguring sidewalk and more traffic enforcement among other things. [CurbedWire Inbox]