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Hot New LIC Building Revealed

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What you are looking at is a rendering of 10-17 Jackson Avenue in Long Island City, which is one of the hottest looking new buildings to hit our growing megalopolis across Newtown Creek from Brooklyn in a long time. It's designed by Studio V. It comes courtesy of broker/blogger Andrew Fine. The building will be 9 stories, which is a couple shorter than originally planned he reports. It's on a triangular plot of and at Vernon Blvd and Jackson Avenue. Per Mr. Fine:

It will contain approximately 33 units and ground floor retail which is being built with the potential for a restaurant in mind. The exterior will be a combination of floor to ceiling ribbon glass, stainless steel shingles, and perforated aluminum screens. The architect says that he is going to pains to blend in with the community.We have one word: hot.

LIC Mystery Revealed: 10-17 Jackson Shines! [A. Fine Blog]