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Adventures in Marketing: 'Bait & Switch' or Cool at Crest?

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One of the hottest discussions on Streeteasy this week is an entry called "Corcoran slimy, unethical selling tactic" about how they're selling the remaining units at the Park Slope Crest, which is one of the crown jewels of Fourth Avenue (aka Brooklyn's new Park Avenue). It seems some people are upset that regular apartments are being marketed online using pictures of the (much nicer and bigger) penthouse apartments that occupy what a lot of people in Gowanus and Park Slope call "that thing on top" (often using a word that starts with "f" before "thing"). The original poster starts this way:

Corcoran has been trying to sell the remaining units in the Crest in Park Slope for over 1 year now. But a handful of them haven't been moving. Recently, they "updated" the photos of the remaining apartments--but only used photographs from the PENTHOUSE unit. Itt continues:

The first 3 (out of 7) photos are NOT of apartments (2) and (3). I've been to both and they're just not the same apartment. (2) and (3) do not have floor-to-ceiling windows and they don't have a terrace. In addition, you can tell from the floorplans that they don't match (check out the position of the refrigerator in the photos of (2) and (3) and compare it to the floorplans). Of course, no (rational) person is going to buy an apartment sight unseen. But using photos of ANOTHER, NICER LOOKING apartment to advertise lesser apartments is a way to trick people and get them in the door. A bait and switch, essentially.It's an interesting discussion with some people thinking it's perfectly cool to do and others not expressing much. Some people, though, are pissed off. For instance the person that writes, "Finding an honest broker is like finding a vegan cat." Meow.
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