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Today's Trippy Coney Rendering

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[Courtesy of Elephant Man/Coney Island Message Board]

Because it's Friday and because it's pretty much the end of the world at Astroland and because people are still producing drawings of things that won't be built for another decade, if ever, why not toss up another image submitted as part of the Municipal Art Society's ImagineConey process. Meanwhile, the land use review process is underway and, boy, are there going to be a lot of tall buildings in Coney Island if anyone can ever get anything financed there besides a cotton candy stand.This particular rendering comes from a dude who goes by the name of Elephant Man (hey, it's Coney Freaking Island, what do you expect someone named J. Farnsworth Pennington III?) and is known as Feltman Gardens.

[Photo courtesy of Captain Nemo]

[Photo courtesy of Captain Nemo]

[Photo courtesy Barry Yanowitz/flickr]

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